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Bronco Raptor Cockpit

Kevin C

New Member
Pasadena, CA
Ford Bronco
ford-uses-animations-and-avatars-to-bring-the-bronco-raptor-cockpit-to-life_1.jpg ford-uses-animations-and-avatars-to-bring-the-bronco-raptor-cockpit-to-life_2.jpg ford-uses-animations-and-avatars-to-bring-the-bronco-raptor-cockpit-to-life_3.jpg ford-uses-animations-and-avatars-to-bring-the-bronco-raptor-cockpit-to-life_4.jpg ford-uses-animations-and-avatars-to-bring-the-bronco-raptor-cockpit-to-life_5.jpg ford-uses-animations-and-avatars-to-bring-the-bronco-raptor-cockpit-to-life_6.jpg ford-uses-animations-and-avatars-to-bring-the-bronco-raptor-cockpit-to-life_7.jpg ford-uses-animations-and-avatars-to-bring-the-bronco-raptor-cockpit-to-life-185887_1.jpg

Normal: The screen of the digital cluster uses a subtle blue to show the vehicle in an everyday driving scenario.

Sport: Feel of a more exciting drive experience, with the cluster using a red and white theme to show the vehicle in a track environment.

Tow/Haul: To highlight the increased tow rating of 4,500 pounds, the cluster screen includes a vehicle towing a trailer, with the gauges turning yellow in a subtle nod to construction vehicles at work.

Slippery: Optimized for use on slick roads or loose surfaces such as gravel, this mode is replicated on screen using light blue to show a vehicle in rainy conditions.

Off-Road: An animation of an off-road environment in shades of brown to illustrate that Bronco Raptor is ready for muddy, rutted, uneven terrain, and that four-wheel-drive lock is engaged.

Baja: A cluster that uses orange highlights to show the vehicle driving across a desert scene.

Rock Crawl: Optimized for low-speed, aggressive climbing maneuvers, with the cluster showing Bronco Raptor slow-crawling over rocks.