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Silver Sonic ST (2020)

General Information

Blew up the 2015 3.5L TT Explorer Sport and couldn't resist - #becausewhynotracecar

You can catch me at the track with goals of sending this thing into the 9's

Currently putting down 1.774 in the 60'
Fastest 1/4: 12.62 @ 108.89

Performance & Off-Road Modifications

  • Whipple Mega Cooler Intercooler
  • FENFABrication Performance Test Pipes / Downpipes
  • Thermal R&D 3″ Cat-Back Exhaust System
  • AFE Momentum GT Cold Air Intake System
  • Turbosmart BOV Kompact Dual Port
  • H&R Lowering Springs
  • ID Speed Rear Differential Brace
  • FENFABrication Ford Explorer ST Rear Subframe Lockout Kit
  • FENFABrication ST Vertical Link
  • FENFABrication Explorer ST 2020+ HP Rear Toe Links
  • NGK Spark Plugs
  • AED RTD+ Device & HP Credits
  • ZFG Custom Tuning w/DSM Upgrade

    Coming this summer:
  • Nostrum Stage 3 Fuel System with Stage 3 Injectors (Coming soon before No Prep Kings Daily Driver Class)
  • CR Performance Stage 5 Turbos (Coming soon before No Prep Kings Daily Driver Class)
  • RSA 1060R Stage 1 Transmission (Coming soon before No Prep Kings Daily Driver Class)
  • Driveshaft Shop Rear Axles (Coming soon before No Prep Kings Daily Driver Class)

Exterior Modifications

  • OEM Ford Roof Rack Delete Parts
  • 70% Tint all the way around, 70% on windshield

Garage Information

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