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Added Borla Type "S" exhaust system and AFe Dual Cold Air intake yesterday. LOVE this vehicle!
All, I would like to install 30mm Spacers for my Explorer ST with the stock ST 21" wheels. DO the stock wheels have indentions on the back side so I won't have to shorten the stock lugs?
how much for the livernois tuner? is it plug and play?
what springs u running
H&R springs and Bora 1.25" spacers give these the perfect stance imo
truck is fire
Sorry about your wheel thread. I was just giving my opinion. I hope i didnt confuse you any and I am super sorry that I am letting unbrokens clown asss drag me down and play his kid games. You get what you want plain and simple dont let anyone change your mind. good luck if you have any brands your interested in and have a question just ask.
Did you ever figure out what was causing that clunking sound when going from park into gear? Mine is doing the same.
Ron Paisley (RWPaisley), thanks for the offer!
Funny you should ask....it's still sitting in the box :) Need to spend a weekend at my business and get some shit done.
If you ever want to do some work yourself you are welcome to use my lift in Wood Dale. I've got a thermal exhaust with downpipes, lowering springs, sway bar, Intercooler, and some other stuff sitting in boxes waiting for me to have time.
Thanks, very kind of you.
So how do you like the thermal exhaust?
I think I'm going to change mine out.
The mbrp has a bit too much drone.
If you see Tom tell him Dave Bishop says hello. I'd love to use his dyno but I think it is only 2wd.
Yes, I think I remember seeing a two wheel drive setup there.
Yeah, I like the guys there.
They installed my springs and exhaust.
Great work and great pricing.
Im going there tomorrow for them to put in the rear sway bar.
I'm going to ask them to install the afe intake as well.
I just don't have the patience for some of this stuff.
Who does your work for you?
I have been using Speed Inc. in Schaumburg but they really don't specialize in the ecoboost motors.
I used Speed for my CTS-V. I did blow the motor at Road America so there is that lol. Tom took good care of me I always felt. Not much in the ecoboost around. I use Adam at ZFG for the tune and I do all my work myself. Always have but I'm getting too old for it sometimes. I to have a nice two post lift at my office in Wood Dale. All my car work is there. Makes it a lot easier for sure.
Yes I like that on the side, do you have a side shot of it?
Good looking ST , did you wrap the top also? I like that line down the side below doors, what did you do there?
Twurbo Noob
Twurbo Noob
Thanks, the roof is painted. I just painted the lower body cladding white and left the black trim alone as an accent. It just stands out more against the white.
Any suggestions on LED reverse and rear signal bulbs?
Borla S-Type Exhaust, Drop in Filter, J&L Oil Separator, Blend Mount with Escort Max 360, Steeda Sway Bar, Lamin-X yellow fog light and Rear taillight Smoke.
three weeks ago ,got update that build date would be 1-21-2022, window sticker was available, expected delivery would be 2-14-2022. 4 days ago, the window sticker disappeared from the screen with a revised delivery date of 5-15-2022. WHAT GIVES? Has anyone experienced this turn of events?
ordered my st on Dec 23. Last Friday got update ,my production date is week of March 7.
Chapman Ford in Scottsdale, are they offering 4% off invoice?
Not sure, I only know Chapman in PA was.
Finally!! Can't wait to put some mileage on this machine! Happy Friday!!