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ALL NEW Lethal Performance Explorer ST SUSPENSION UPGRADES!!

Wellington, FL, USA

Your Explorer ST is more than just something to shuttle the kids to soccer practice. With a robust 3.0-liter V6 engine under the hood this SUV effortlessly combines the practicality of a family vehicle with the heart-pounding thrill of high-performance driving. But what good is all that power without being able to stick it to the ground when you want to? Let's shine a spotlight on four key suspension upgrades from Lethal Performance that promise to transform your Explorer ST into a high-performance, optimum handling street machine.

Here's the components we recommend upgrading on your Explorer ST:

Lethal Performance Explorer ST Strut Tower Brace

Lethal Performance Explorer ST Front & Rear Sway Bars

Lethal Performance Explorer ST Front & Rear End Links

Lethal Performance Explorer ST Lowering Springs


SKU: 555-5734-LP

What is it? A strut tower brace is essentially that, a brace that connects the two strut towers, thereby reinforcing your chassis. The strut bar helps to distribute the pressure of cornering more evenly, improving your handling.

While the stock Explorer ST Strut Tower Brace does OK, our improved Lethal Performance Explorer ST Strut Tower Brace offers higher strength and improved rigidity (plus, it looks awesome when you pop the hood).

Features & Benefits of the Lethal Performance Explorer ST Strut Tower Brace:
Made in the USA
Increased front rigidity
Better handling
Improved response
Dresses up the engine bay
Durable construction
Easy to install at home

NOTE: Some non-Explorer STs may not have the strut tower holes threaded properly for installation of this brace. If yours are not threaded, simply head to your local hardware store and pick up a tap for a 8mm-1.25 thread pitch.

SKU: 555-1037-LP (Front) and 555-1030-LP (Rear)

Upgrade your Explorer ST's handling with the Lethal Performance Adjustable Front and Rear Sway Bars for increased control and improved performance in the turns.

What is a sway bar? A sway bar, also known as an anti-roll bar, is a crucial component of a vehicle's suspension system. Its primary function is to reduce the amount of body roll or lean that occurs when the vehicle turns, especially during cornering maneuvers. A sway bar not only improves performance but also contributes to a smoother ride. By minimizing excessive body movements, it helps maintain a comfortable and controlled driving experience, especially during dynamic driving situations.

The Lethal Performance Explorer ST Adjustable Front & Rear Sway Bars enhance handling by reducing body roll, providing a more neutral feel, and allowing precise cornering with your SUV. It ensures a comfortable ride while keeping your vehicle level through corners, contributing to improved stability and steering confidence.

Constructed in the USA, the Lethal Performance Explorer ST Adjustable Front Sway Bar features a durable 1-3/8 inch steel bar, with CNC-machined billet steel ends for superior strength. The Lethal Performance Explorer ST Adjustable Rear Sway Bar is also made in the USA from a solid 1 inch steel bar with CBC machined billet steel ends. The powder-coated Lethal Blue finish not only protects the bars from the elements but also looks great.

The sway bars also feature 3-way adjustability, giving you the ability to fine-tune stiffness, providing the control you desire.

The Explorer ST Adjustable Rear Sway Bar also helps when using the Explorer ST as a tow vehicle, distributing weight between the rear wheels during turns. It keeps your vehicle level and planted to the road, reducing trailer sway when towing and providing better control with heavy payloads.

Features & Benefits of the Lethal Performance Explorer ST Front & Rear Sway Bars:
Made in the USA
Neutral and flat handling
Reduced body roll
More control with heavy loads
Less trailer sway when towing (Rear)
Maintains a comfortable ride
1 3/8" solid steel sway bar (front) and 1-inch solid steel sway bar (rear)
3-way adjustable
Front sway bar is over 30% stronger than OEM
Rear sway bar is 4x stiffer than OEM
Custom Lethal Blue powder-coat finish

NOTE: Rear sway bar is also compatible with 2020+ Lincoln Aviators

SKU: 555-1096-LP (Front) and 555-1097-LP (Rear)

Have you lowered your Explorer ST, or plan to? Check out our Lethal Performance Explorer ST Front & Rear End links.

Why do you want end links? When you lower your Explorer ST the sway bars will be angled upward in comparison to the stock angle, allowing for less travel and control (and sometimes even interference with other components on the vehicle).

Our Lethal Performance Explorer ST End Links are double adjustable, allowing you to keep your sway bars in their original angle when you lower your Explorer ST. By retaining the proper suspension geometry, you get increased handling while enjoying the benefits of a lowered Explorer ST.

Our Lethal Performance Explorer ST end links are made from aerospace grade CNC machined aluminum and utilize a case hardened ball stud. The grease fittings make these end links easy to maintain and keep operating like new while the ball studs provide a greater swing area to prevent any bind.

Features & Benefits of the Lethal Performance End Links:
Made in the USA
Quiet as OEM in street use
Aerospace grade aluminum center adjusters
Double adjustable
Allows adjustment without removing them from the vehicle
Case hardened ball stud
More swing area than endlinks with spherical rod ends
14mm stud for compatibility with factory or aftermarket sway bars

SKU: LP-SPR-20225

Looking to improve the looks & stance of your Explorer ST? Add some much needed improvement to your Explorer ST's stance while lowering the center of gravity and improving handling with our Lethal Performance Explorer ST Lowering Springs.

Our Lethal Performance Explorer ST lowering springs will lower the front of your Explorer ST by approximately 1.8-1.9 in and the rear by approximately 2.0-2.1in, giving an aggressive stance and improved handling response all the while not sacrificing your comfortable ride.

Features & Benefits of our Lethal Performance Explorer ST Lowering Springs:
Made in the USA
OEM comfort
Aggressive stance
Lower up to 2"
Improved handling

As always, if you guys have any additional questions or concerns; feel free to reach out to us here at Lethal Performance and we'll be more than happy to assist!

South Florida
2020 Explorer ST
So awesome!! Our ST customers are gonna love these.


4000 Post Club
Houston, TX, USA
Cool…so a bunch of Steeda parts in different colors with Lethal’s name on them. Got it.
And FYI to anyone that wants to try the adjustable front end links…don’t shorten them to get the swaybar ends level or the CV shaft will hit the swaybar at full droop. You’re basically stuck with very close to stock length or you’ll have contact issues. I posted about this a year or so ago when I was experimenting with end links.