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2022 Ford Bronco, Ranger recalled for windshields that could detach

Kevin C

New Member
Pasadena, CA
Ford Bronco

The Ford Bronco notably has removable exterior components, from the roof to the doors. What's not supposed to come off is the windshield. Unfortunately, some faulty bonding could lead to that component coming off in a crash, and the same applies to the Ford Ranger. Ford is recalling both models, and just over 63,000 vehicles are affected.

The recall applies to 2022 model year Broncos and Rangers built from December 2021 to April 2022. It encompasses 39,063 Broncos and 24,321 Rangers. In addition to the windshield potentially detaching, there could be issues with extra wind noise or water leaks.

The issue came to light after Ford received a complaint about an owner vehicle. This led to an investigation that discovered the faulty windshield bonding issue. Fortunately, no accidents or injuries have been reported.

To fix the problem, Ford dealers will remove the windshields from affected vehicles and reinstall them correctly. The entire procedure will be done for free. Customers can reach Ford regarding the recall by calling 1-866-436-7332, and you can reference recall number 22C12. Ford will also send letters to affected owners starting on July 11. Or use NHTSA's website to look up your vehicle's VIN number to see if it's in the recall.