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  • Just installed the Steeda stiffer and lowering springs, rear adj. sway bar and UPG Catch can. Previously, installed a Whipple Intercooler, Bora Cat Back Exhaust system, aFE Strut tower brace, aFE GT dual cool air intake system, Nitch'e 22:x10 Bronze Wheels and 285x40xR22 NITTO Tires. My Chip is a "Chip Your Car" tuner, looking for something with more performance? Any suggestions on Best Tuners for the ECO Boost 3.0
    Does anyone smell exhaust gases when pushing the pedal to the floor under max acceleration? I had a Borla "S" cat back system installed but during normal opps, no exhaust smell in the cabin. I also installed an AFe dual cold air intake system. No down pipes on this build. Maybe the turbo blow off valve engaging?
    Added Borla Type "S" exhaust system and AFe Dual Cold Air intake yesterday. LOVE this vehicle!
    All, I would like to install 30mm Spacers for my Explorer ST with the stock ST 21" wheels. DO the stock wheels have indentions on the back side so I won't have to shorten the stock lugs?
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